Dharam Ablashi
Dr. Ablashi is a co-discoverer of the HHV-6 virus, the Scientific Director of the HHV-6 Foundation and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Ablashi was Coordinator of DNA Virus Studies at the National Cancer Institute before becoming Director of Herpesvirus Programs at Advanced Biotechnologies. An Adjunct Professor in microbiology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, he co-edited the book Human Herpesvirus 6 and has authored or co-authored over 300 journal articles on herpes viruses. He was a co-founder of the International Association for Research on Epstein-Bar Virus and Associated Diseases and was also a co-founder and former President of the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or IACFS.


Carla Toro, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Carla has an interest in the role infections may have in the pathophysiology of psychiatric illness. Having studied BSc HONS and PhD in Neuroscience at The University of Nottingham and University of Manchester, UK, she has almost two decades of experience in working with human post-mortem brain samples. She participates in discussion on the diverse actions HHV-6 may have in human CNS.

Louise G. Chatlynne, PhD
Dr. Chatlynne helped set up the laboratories of Retrovirology Department at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and designed the first usable ELISA test for HHV-8 antibodies. She worked for many years in industry working on viral reagents and doing in vitro antiviral testing. Instead of retiring, she is contributing her time to the HHV-6 Foundation to do literature research and to assist scientists in preparing their scientific findings for publication.

Judith Anderson
Advisor & Patient Advocate
Judith is a sales and marketing consultant in the technology industry who brings her skills to the Foundation to assist with researcher collaborations, outreach, planning, marketing and patient advocacy.