NIH Herpesvirus Funding Comparison

The NIH grant funding databases CRISP, Explorer, and REPORTer were each thoroughly reviewed for research grants with individual viruses (or specific viral proteins such as the KSHV oncoprotein K13) mentioned in their TITLE or ABSTRACT (if available). Funding information was gathered on NIH extramural grants given to study HHV-4 (EBV), HHV-5 (CMV), HHV-6, HHV-7, and HHV-8 (KSHV) from 2000—2012 (graph above, chart below).

Funding for Herpesvirus Research: 2000-2012
  EBV (HHV-4) CMV (HHV-5) HHV-6 & HHV-7 KSHV (HHV-8)
NIH Extramural Funding ($ millions) $306 $308 $16 $294
#  NIH grants, 2000-2012 307 389 15 254

This significant investment of funding allocated toward research on EBV, CMV, and KSHV has produced a wealth of knowledge regarding the pathogenic mechanisms, epidemiology, and gene product functions for each of these herpesviruses, leading to the development of steadily improved diagnostic tools and new virus-specific therapeutic approaches in a rather short timeframe. Unfortunately, no comparable investment has been made in Roseolovirus research, and as a result, researchers have needed to rely on private funding and limited resources to continue their important work on HHV-6 & HHV-7 over the past several years, and vital information regarding the biological and pathogenic nature of these viruses has not progressed to the point many hoped it would by this time. The HHV-6 Foundation gives modest Pilot Grants to investigators interested in pursuing research on HHV-6 to this end.

All NIH extramural grants given to study HHV-6 & 7 between 2000-2012 have been provided below. For additional information on grants given for each virus in the review, download a copy of the entire detailed analysis HERE.

NIH extramural grants given to study HHV-6 & 7,  2000-2012
Project Leader Project Title FY Organization Name FY Total Cost
Zerr, Danielle Defining primary HHV-6 and HHV-7 infections in children 2000 Seattle Children’s Hospital $152,820.00
Hall, C Congenital HHV-6 Infection: Characteristics and Outcome 2003-2007 Univ. of Rochester $1,638,540.00
Zerr, Danielle Defining primary HHV-6 and HHV-7 infections in children 2001-2003 Seattle Children’s Hospital $627,480.00
Hudson, Amy Discovery of novel immunoevasins from HHV-6 and -7 2008-2009 Medical College of Wisconsin $413,535.00
Mock, D Herpes Virus Infectious in Human Glial Precursors 2004-2005 Rockerfeller Univ. $360,894.00
Zerr, Danielle HHV-6 and CNS disease following stem cell transplant 2004-2009 Seattle Children’s Hospital $1,814,217.00
Spencer, Shawn HHV-6 Inhibition: Implications in Chronic Fatigue 2009-2011 Florida Agricultural And Mechanical Univ. $402,084.00
Hall, C HHV-6 Infection: Characteristics and Outcome 2004-2005 Univ. of Rochester $23,037.00
Calvo-Calle, Jaime Immunodominance in the Human T-cell Responses to Poxvirus and Herpesvirus 2009-2012 Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School $1,358,623.00
Hudson, Amy Mechanisms of Immune Evasion by HHV-6 and HHV-7 U21 2007-2011 Medical College of Wisconsin $1,663,320.00
Ascherio, A Molecular Epidemiology of EBV and MS 2007-2008 Harvard Univ. School of Public Health $1,194,312.00
Theodore, W Physiologic and Pharmacologic Studies in Epilepsy 2007-2008 NINDS $1,112,709.00
Hall, C Primary HHV-6 infection- Clinical and viral characteristics 2000-2004 Univ. of Rochester $1,671,284.00
Ploegh, H Viral evasion strategies: Analysis of herpes viruses HSV, VZV and HHV-6-7  2003-2007 Harvard Univ. Medical School $1,442,410.00
Dewhurst, S Adaptations of Human Herpesvirus-7 to Salivary Glands 2001-2005 Univ. of Rochester $1,716,704.00
TOTAL $15,591,969.00