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Robust analysis points to HHV-6A as potential causative agent in Alzheimer’s disease

In All, Alzheimer's Disease, CNS Disease, CNS Dysfunction by Kristin Loomis

A comprehensive, large-scale analysis has provided strong evidence of a causal association between HHV-6A and Alzheimer’s Disease. Not only was HHV-6A (and HHV-7) viral load found to be higher, but transcription of HHV-6A genes was also increased among AD patients, and this was observed across multiple brain regions and multiple cohorts. Importantly, host genes affected by HHV-6A were all associated with AD traits and risk genes.

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Foscarnet prophylaxis reduces severity but does not prevent HHV-6 encephalitis

In All, Encephalitis & Encephalopathy, Transplant Complications, Treatments - Antiviral by Kristin Loomis

A Japanese trial of foscarnet prophylaxis in cord blood transplant patients was successful in reducing severity and mortality as well as suppressing high viral loads, but it failed to prevent encephalitis. The authors note that the blood brain barrier must be inflamed to allow effective penetration of the drug into the central nervous system and speculate that the prophylaxis may have protected the meninges.