DR1 US22
DR6 US22, transactivator, putative oncogene
DR7/U1 SR domain, malignant transforming activity, binds to p53
U2 UL23 CMV US22 gene family,
U3 UL24 CMV US22 gene family, transactivator
U4 UL27 CMV Maribavir resistance
U7 UL28 CMV US22 gene family
U10 dUTPase family
U11 UL32 Antigenic tegument protein HHV6A p100, HHV-6B p101K
U12 UL33 Chemokine G protein-coupled receptor
U13 UL34 CMV: Represses US3 transcription
U14 UL25 CMV UL25 gene family, antigenic tegument protein, binds p53
U15 CMV UL25 gene family
U17 UL36 CMV US22 gene family, tegument protein
U18 UL37EX3 IE-B IE-B membrane glycoprotein
U19 UL38 IE-B IE-B protein, glycoprotein
U20 Glycoprotein Specific to HHV-6/7, Glycoprotein, immunoglobulin structure
U21 Glycoprotein Glycoprotein, downregulates HLA I, specific to HHV-6/7
U22 Glycoprotein Late Glycoprotein, specific to HHV-6
U23 Glycoprotein Glycoprotein, specific to HHV-6
U24 Glycoprotein Glycoprotein
U25 UL43 CMV UL22 gene family, tegument protein
U26 Putative Putative multiple transmembrane protein
U27 UL44 DNA polymerase processivity factor p41
U28 UL45 Ribonucleotide reducactase large subunit, tegument protein
U29 UL46 Capsid asembly and DNA maturation
U30 UL47 Tegument protein
U31 UL48 Large tegument protein
U32 UL48a Capsid protein, hexon tips
U33 UL49 Virion protein
U34 UL50 Membrane-associated phosphoprotein,
U35 UL51 DNA packaging, terminase component,
U36 UL52 DNA packaging
U37 UL53 Primary envelopment, phosphoprotein
U38 UL54 DNA polymerase
U39 UL55 Glycoprotein B (gB) gp116
U40 UL56 Transport/capsid assembly (TP)
U41 UL57 Early Major DNA binding protein (MDBP)
U42 UL69 Tegument protein, cell cycle block, transactivator
U43 UL70 DNA helicase/primase complex
U44 UL71 Tegument protein
U45 UL72 dUTPase
U46 UL73 Membrane protein
U47 UL74 Glycoprotein O (gO)
U48 UL75 Glycoprotein H (gH) gp100
U49 UL76 Putative fusion protein
U50 UL77 DNA packaging
U51 UL78 Early G-protein-coupled receptor
U52 UL79
U53 UL80 Protease, capsid assembly protein
U54 UL82/UL83 Tegument protein, Virion transactivator
U55 UL84 Role in DNA synthesis, dUTPase
U56 UL85 Capsid protein
U57 UL86 Major capsid protein (MCP)
U58 UL87
U59 UL88 Tegument protein
U62 UL91
U63 UL92
U64 UL93 DNA packaging; tegument protein
U65 UL94 Tegument protein
U66 UL89 Terminase component
U69 UL97 Phosphotransferase, Ganciclovir kinase
U70 UL98 Alkaline exonuclease (Exo)
U71 UL99 Myristylated virion protein
U72 UL100 Glycoprotein M (gM)
U73 Origin Origin-binding protein (OBP)
U74 UL102 DNA Helicase-primase complex (HP)
U75 UL103 Tegument protein
U76 UL104 DNA packaging, virion protein
U77 UL105 Helicase-primase complex (HP)
U79 UL112/UL113 Transcriptional activation
U81 UL114 Uracil-DNA glycosylase
U82 UL115 Glycoprotein L (gL) gp80
U83 Secreted Secreted glycoprotein, CC chemokine
U85 UL119 Glycoprotein
U86 UL122 IE-A IE-A
U90 UL123 IE-A IE-A (IE 1), transactivator
U91 UL124 IE-A
U94 Latency Parvovirus rep homolog (Rep)
U95 CMV US22 gene family
U100 Late Spliced envelope glycoprotein Q, assoc. with lipid rafts gp82-gp105

Sources: Wikpedia, Field’s Virology

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