The HHV-6 Foundation funds scientists and clinicians who seek to explore HHV-6 disease associations, diagnostic assays and treatments. We also support conferences to promote an exchange of ideas. Since administrative expenses are covered from other sources, 100% of individual donations go directly to fund pilot grant research projects such as the ones listed below. These grant requests are reviewed and approved by our Scientific Advisory Board.

If there is a project you would like to fund, we accept restricted gifts for projects of interest to patient families. Here are some of the projects (separate from the pilot grant program) that we would like to fund in the near future:

  • Study HHV-6 in the brain tissue of ME/CFS patients: $45,000
  • Study of drugs that activate ciHHV-6 $30,000
  • Study the role of HHV-6A in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis $25,000
  • Study of HHV-6B DNA in refractory epilepsy brain tissue resections: $35,000
  • Study HHV-6 in Hodgkin’s lymphoma tissues: $25,000
  • Antiviral testing of 50 compounds for activity against HHV-6: $30,000
  • Study of HHV-6A in the uterine biopsies of women with infertility: $25,000

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Your donations are tax deductible. The Foundation is a public non-profit organization. Use the donate button on this page or mail a check to:

HHV-6 Foundation
1482 East Valley Road, Suite 23
Box 619
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We also encourage volunteers to contact us to learn how you can help.