The following cloned fragments of HHV-6 are available through the HHV-6 Foundation Repository either as bacterial stabs for growing your own DNA or as purified DNA (~10µg/vial):


Name Vector Insert (Map on HHV-6 genome) Insert size (kB) Remarks
pMF147-19 pWE15-cosmid 90-130 ~40 See Reference 1
pMF147-31 pWE15-cosmid 15-52 ~27 See Reference 1
pMF210-8 pWE15-cosmid 72-110 ~38 See Reference 1
pMF228-14 Bluescript KS-(BamHI) 2-30 ~28 See Reference 1, See Note 1
pMF402-27 pCIN cosmid (SmaI) 112-155 ~43 See note 2


1. Frank Neipel, Klaus Ellinger, Bernhard Fleckenstein. The unique region of the human Herpesvirus-6 is essentially collinear with the UL segment of human cytomegalovirus. J. General Virology (1991) 72. 2293-2297

2. Martin ME, Thomson BJ, Honess RW, Craxton MA, Gompels UA, Liu MY, Littler E, Arrand JR, Teo I, Jones MD. The genome of human Herpesvirus 6: maps of unit-length and concatemeric genomes for nine restriction endonucleases. J. General Virology (1991) 72-157-168.

Note 1:   pMF228-14 under non-optimal hybridization conditions may hybridize non-specifically to human chromosomes.

Note 2:   pMF402-27 is a replacement clone of pMF 2200-21 described in Reference 1 which was unstable. The pMF402-27 clone has a small deletion in the region described as unstable by Martin, et al. (Reference 2).