The HHV-6 Foundation repository was initiated in 2005 by HHV-6 Foundation Scientific Director (and co-discoverer of HHV-6) Dharam Ablashi to aid investigators with their research.  The HHV-6 Foundation repository, housed at BIOCELL Diagnostics, Inc, is located in Baltimore, Maryland and currently houses over 250 reagents including cell lines, hybridomas, viruses, cosmids, cord blood, positive and control serum, plasma and spinal fluid, tissue, DNA libraries, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and other various donated specimens.  We also have an IRB approved repository of samples (plasma and PBMCs) from CIHHV6 patients as well as two CIHHV6 cell lines. Finally, we have Reference sets of spiked samples, with known genomes from 0 to 100,000 copies. The Foundation moved the most popular cell lines and antibodies to the NIH AIDS Reagent Program to make these reagents available to a broader community of researchers free of charge.