Studies funded by the Dharam Ablashi Pilot Grant Program

2019 Grants
Defining structural interactions that promote HHV-6 and HLA-B*13:01-associated hypersensitivity by X-ray crystallography David Ostrov, PhD
University of Florida
HHV-6 in the Lymphoma Microenvironment Eve Crane, MD
Weill Cornell
Exploration of HHV-6B in acute GVHD by IHC and PCR Kevin Zwezdaryk, PhD
Tulane University
Construction and Characterization of a Murine Roseolavirus BAC

Darby Oldenburg, PhD
Gundersen Medical Foundation

Next Generation Sequencing approach for the detection of pathogenic microbes, particularly viral pathogens of the Herpesviridae species (HHV-6A, HHV-6B, HHV-7) in Alzheimer’s Disease and Mesial Temporal Sclerosis

Anita Huttner, MD, PhD
Yale University

Novel approaches to characterise iciHHV-6 gene expression and TERRA transcription

Nicola Royle, PhD
University of Leicester
2018 Grants
Autophagy dysregulation, HHV-6 and Alzheimer’s disease. Mara Cirone, MD, PhD
La Sapienza University of Rome
Immunomodulation by murine roseolovirus

Swapneel Patel
Washington University School of Medicine

Characterization of the HHV-6A/B U15 as a vFLIP Alex Greninger, MD
University of Washington
The effect of HHV6 viremia on thymopoiesis after hematopoietic transplantation Stefan Nierkens, PhD
University Medical Center Utrecht
Characterisation of iciHHV-6 integration sites using targeted enrichment coupled with sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform Ruth Jarrett, MD
University of Glasgow
Testing the effect of immunosuppressive drugs employed in transplantations on HHV-6 infection

Niza Frenkel, PhD
Tel Aviv University

Role of shelterin in HHV-6 integration and its association with disease in iciHHV-6 individuals

Darren Wight, PhD
Freie Universität Berlin

Defining how HHV-6 Induces Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Metabolic Alterations in Human T-lymphoblast Lines

Phillip West, PhD
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Effect of HHV6-A infection on microglial cell expression

Roberta Rizzo, PhD
University of Ferrara