Best Practices: Pubmed Searches

Searching through Pubmed for HHV-6 related research is best done with a multi-keyword approach. If you search for HHV-6, a paper using the key word HHV6 or HHV6A will not always show up. We recommend the following search string when using Pubmed:

HHV-6 OR HHV-6A OR HHV-6B OR HHV6 OR HHV6A OR HHV6B OR ciHHV-6 OR ciHHV-6A OR ciHHV-6B OR ciHHV6 OR ciHHV6a OR ciHHV6b OR iciHHV-6 OR iciHHV-6A OR iciHHV-6B OR iciHHV6 OR iciHHV6a OR iciHHV6b OR human herpesvirus 6 OR human herpesvirus 6A OR human herpesvirus 6B

Alternatively, you can use the following URL to perform the search with all of the above criteria. This URL can also be bookmarked for continued use:

We are currently petitioning pubmed to alter their search criteria when HHV-6 is involved to represent the many spelling variations. If you have any suggestions, let us know!