Special Issue on Roseoloviruses!

The December 2014 issue of Current Opinions in Virology features a “Special Section on Roseoloviruses”. Top experts in the field contributed a set of 14 reviews that span a wide range of critical topics, encompassing the molecular biology and the clinical impact of human herpesvirus 6A, 6B, and 7 infections are also described. The special edition represents topics discussed at the recent June 2014 NIH-sponsored workshop “Roseoloviruses: Unmet needs and research priorities organized by Professor Phillip Pellet from Wayne State University and pediatric infectious disease specialist Mary Caserta, MD of University of Rochester. Laurie T. Krug, Assistant Professor of Stony Brook University, served as Section Editor for the special issue.

Dr. Phil Pellett (Left) and Dr. Laurie Krug (Right)

“It was our collective mission to highlight the impact of the roseoloviruses on human health and promote an awareness of recent advancements in the roseolovirus field,” commented Krug. “Each set of authors also made an effort to both clearly define important, unanswered questions and to provide guidance for future research priorities.” The articles are currently available as open access.

“This is an extremely valuable guide for the basic research and clinical community and we are grateful to Laurie Krug for her outstanding effort in serving as editor for the supplement ” commented Dharam Ablashi, Scientific Director of the HHV-6 Foundation.

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Click on the papers below to download one or more individually.

Editorial overview: Roseoloviruses: Stopping to smell the roses – the Roseoloviruses have come of age as human pathogens (Krug)

Roseolovirus molecular biology: recent advances (Krug, Pellett)

Roseoloviruses and their modulation of host defenses (Hudson)

Roseoloviruses: unmet needs and research priorities: Perspective (Caserta, Krug, Pellett)

Roseoloviruses manipulate host cell cycle (Frenkel, Sharon, Zeigerman)

Immune response to HHV-6 and implications for immunotherapy (Becerra, Gibson, Stern, Calvo-Calle)

The development of new therapies for human herpesvirus 6 (Prichard, Whitley)

Evidence linking HHV-6 with multiple sclerosis: an update (Liebovitch, Jacobson)

Chromosomally integrated HHV-6: impact on virus, cell and organismal biology (Kaufer, Flamand )

Recent developments in animal models for human herpesvirus 6A and 6B (Horvat, Berges, Lusso)

Clinical impact of primary infection with roseoloviruses (Tesini, Epstein, Caserta)

Past, present, and future perspectives on the diagnosis of Roseolovirus infections (Hill, Sedlak, Jerome)

Roseomics: a blank slate (Moorman, Murphy)

Roseoloviruses in transplant recipients: clinical consequences and prospects for treatment and prevention trials (Hill, Zerr)