University of Washington’s Clinical Laboratory in the News

Keith Jerome and Alex Greninger’s virology lab at University of Washington was one of the first in the nation with a test for SARS CoV-2 and they are credited with helping to identify the first confirmed US case of the virus in January. Keith Jerome, MD, PhD, Director, and Alex Greninger, MD, PhD, Assistant Director of the University of Washington Virology Laboratory in Seattle. Greninger was featured in an interview in GQ, titled “The Infuriating Story of How the Government Stalled Coronavirus Testing” that he began developing the test early in January, when the sequence was first announced. Since then, he and his team have worked tirelessly to expand capacity in-house to diagnose more patients. A clip of a PBS …

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Yasuko Mori awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Yasuko Mori, PhD, Professor of Clinical Virology at the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine was awarded the HHV-6 Foundation’s Dharam Ablashi Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th International Conference on HHV-6 & 7.

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HHV-6 DR7 found to promote glioma development and progression

A Chinese group found HHV-6 direct repeat 7 in 48% of glioma tumors. Furthermore, they determined that DR7 overexpression could promote glioma cell migration, invasion and angiogenesis. Expression profiles showed that DR7 created an inflammatory microenvironment that enhanced degradation of the extracellular matrix.