Q & A with Dr. Bhupesh Prusty and Professor Thomas Rudel

Dr. Bhupesh Prusty and Professor Thomas Rudel from Biozentrum University have published several articles on the phenomenon of ciHHV-6 activation including a study on the interaction between Chlamydia infection and ciHHV-6. We interviewed them about the implications of these findings, their current studies, and what lies ahead for this team in the field of ciHHV-6 research.

International group of HHV-6 investigators review inherited or “chromosomally integrated” HHV-6 (ciHHV-6)

An international group of HHV-6 experts, investigators and clinicians have published a comprehensive review of chromosomally integrated HHV-6 (ciHHV-6). The article, entitled “Chromosomally Integrated human herpesvirus-6: questions and answers,” is written in response to the widespread confusion in the medical community on how to test or diagnose the condition, as well as how to treat a patient with ciHHV-6 who may or may not have symptoms consistent with HHV-6 reactivation.