HSCT patients with HHV-6 reactivation have significantly worse survival rates and higher rates of acute GVHD

In All, Transplant Complications by Kristin Loomis

Investigators in Yokohama, Japan studied 236 patients who underwent allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT) and found that the 59% with HHV-6 reactivation had significantly higher non-relapse mortality (28% vs 14%) as well as worse overall survival at three years (42% vs. 59%). Subgroup analysis indicated that HHV-6 reactivation with associated acute GVHD was primarily found in the group with myeloablative conditioning. HHV-6 was also associated with a higher rate of CMV reactivation.

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Source: Aoki 2015, Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation